Empowering you to revitalize, remember,
and transform

Feed The Change is a 1-on-1 transformational 3 month mentorship that is curated specifically to your needs, intention, and bodies in relationship to your food journey on the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and soul levels. This journey intertwines the foundations of self awareness, experiential learning, and self discovery to optimize and amplify your journey that leads you through the self-initiatory path of embodied transformations that empower your health freedom and sovereignty, and ultimately, feed your soul’s evolution.

The journey begins upon your will and commitment to invest in your health
$2,222 for 3 months (payment plans
available) –  Mentorship online via zoom

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Symptoms as a communication: listening to the body

Innerstand patterns, habits, and emotions as your teachers for transformation

Call yourself into your potent feeling sense

Create new pathways connections from the subconscious to conscious mind


Meet your edge and expand your comfort zone

Unleash yourself from limiting false beliefs, fears, constructs, numbers, and labels

Uproot & heal what no longer serves your truth and vitality

Cultivate healthy boundaries, discipline, and discernment as radical self-love


Nourish and feed your inner garden of love, joy, vitality

Gain wisdom through experience and discover how to grow and thrive

Strengthen & empower yourself with a diet that works for you

Integration and reflection as medicine for embodied transformation


  • Embody your true nature, your full YES, and joy in life
  • Form a deeply loving and healthy relationship with yourself and food
  • Cultivate boundaries, discernment, and discipline that feeds your vitality
  • Empower you to heal, transform, and learn through self awareness, experiential learning, and Earth-based medicine
  • Cleanse at a pace that aligns with your everyday schedule
  • Turn food as medicine into a fulfilling lifestyle
  • Balance systematic symptoms, disease, disorder, and/or chronic illness
  • Harmonize and balance your relationship with food
  • Go from survive to THRIVE
  • Learn food as medicine teachings and connect with the elemental bodies
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With Feed The Change you will receive

  • 30 minute introductory call
  • 12x 90 minute video calls (one per week) with an opening and closing ceremony
  • “Focus of the Week” guidance sheet after every session
  • email support
  • Personalized meal plan, nutritional support, access to online cooking classes, and holistic medicine recommendations
  • up to 3 recipes per week for your creative power
  • Personalized meditations, journal prompts, self care and awareness practices, words of affirmations, and more
  • Grocery shopping, pantry cleaning, cooking equipment, and “clean food” brand guidance
  • 50% discount to join the Sacred Plant Immersions
  • Food craving and dream interpretation
  • Embodied integration guidance

I didn’t realize how a food journey could soon turn to the most healing endeavor I could embark upon

“I cannot begin to put into words the magnitude of transformation I’ve experienced through working with Kristen! It feels like new gateways opened that I was unaware of prior to Feed The Change. I didn’t realize how a food journey could soon turn to the most healing endeavor I could embark upon… Not only did my patterns with food come up, but so did my emotional patterns and subconscious thoughts that had been controlling feelings and behaviors. Kristen worked with me, listened, and provided friendship and loving support throughout the whole process… And yet it never felt like I was truly being coached, but more so assisted in my own self discovery, which made the experience truly lasting. I am still continuing to deepen my relationship with food, self, and the Earth. I have tools now to nourish my body, mind and spirit. I have a childlike fascination in the kitchen and confidence I’ve always dreamt of. So incredibly grateful for Kristen, thanks to her wisdom and gifts I am able to soar to new heights I did not believe possible. Thank you for changing my life!”

Working with her has completely reinvented how I engage with not only food but with myself and how I view the world.

“Working with Kristen has been a truly life changing experience! Her knowledge, energy, and love creates a unique space that allows for deep transformation. I feel heard, held, loved, and guided in a way that has been soul affirming and growth oriented.

I am beyond grateful for Kristen’s ability to create this incredible container and support me on my transformational journey. Working with her has completely reinvented how I engage with not only food but with myself and how I view the world. With so much love, I encourage anyone who is feeling called to work with Kristen to reach out. Kristen is a beautiful soul to work with and offers so much guidance, love, and light as you walk your path of expansion!”