Kristen Rhea Alexander is a holistic wellness practitioner who specializes in alchemizing Earth-based medicine to transform your life into the fabric of New Earth living.

Her integrative approach towards harmonizing the five bodies weaves food, evolutionary herbalism, lifestyle activation, psychology, and Gaia together to revitalize your health sovereignty for you to thrive in your most optimum vitality and well-being.

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“I have endless gratitude for how Rose and Rhea masterfully assisted me in lifting my own Soul up and out of the darkness of fear and ignorance and into a more dynamic, lighted path of truth and vitality, wonderment, connection, and community.”

Juniper Rae

“Working with Rhea in Feed The Change has been a truly life changing experience! Her knowledge, energy, and love creates a unique space that allows for deep transformation. I feel heard, held, loved, and guided in a way that has been soul affirming and growth oriented”

Kimberly Cole

“I cannot begin to put into words the magnitude of transformation I’ve experienced through working with Rhea, feels like new gateways opened that I was unaware of prior to Feed The Change. I didn’t realize how a food journey could soon turn to the most healing endeavor I could embark upon”



Intertwine a certain diet and protocols while ingesting a specific plant in various forms to integrate the plant’s consciousness into your being.

Vitalize, balance, and awaken into your highest self while cultivating a strong relationship with a unique plant.

Join a community that is built upon empowerment, sovereignty, autonomy, love, and compassion.



Cleanse, heal, sensitize, and transform with potent Earth-based medicine. 

Herbalism, food as medicine, and holistic lifestyle teachings, practices and guidance.

Organic, handcrafted dried plant material, herbal body oil, salve, powder, tincture, and/or vinegar.

Week long meal plans, food & herbal recipes, grocery list, videos and so much more!

My programs are designed to feed your soul with holistic medicine on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels that activates the life force energy within you to awaken into an expanded consciousness that allows you to remember who you truly are and embody the essence of your true nature.

feed the change


Intentionally designed to transform your relationship with food on an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and soul level that initiates a fulfilling, holistic lifestyle. Thrive in freedom and empowerment, so that you can comfortably navigate life with a specific tool set and a direct connection with your heart’s guidance that leads you on the self-initiatory path of your souls evolution.

  • Weekly 90 minute video calls with a “Focus of the Week” guidance sheet after every session and text message support
  • Personalized meal plan, nutritional support, recipes, meditations, journal prompts, awareness practices
  • Grocery shopping, pantry cleaning, cooking equipment, and “clean food” brand guidance
  • Herbal consultation, access to all online cooking classes and 50% discount to join the Sacred Plant Immersions

nourish yourself


Kristen intertwines holistic nutrition, culinary herbalism and worldly flavors to create delicious meals that support your vitality. Her main focus is making organic, plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, refined flour-free, locally grown, homemade, medicinal food made in prayer, that awakens the sacred heart and true nature within those who receive her nourishing medicine.

  • Flexible and personalized menu planning

  • Provisioning and cooking on site for your group needs

  • Accommodating an array of diets/allergies such as low sugar, vegan, vegetarian, 5-D rainbow, sattvic, dairy free, gluten free, low salt, dieta, detox

  • Mini GaiaTree Apothecary with organic herbs, herbal blends, tinctures, elixirs, and/or handcrafted oils to use at your leisure

  • 1 – 1.5 hour Holistic Medicine Talk

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Rhea of Light Apothecary offers all organic and/or wild harvested, handcrafted, and intentionally formulated holistic medicines made in prayer for a broad spectrum to specific action, and to support optimal healing, balancing, and harmonizing within the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.