Herbalism is an ancient medicinal practice that utilizes plants to support the the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body to heal, balance, harmonize, and thrive.

Kristen is essentially the medium between the vital intelligence of your body and the plants intelligence to support the process in your healing.

Kristen’s Herbal Consultations

Are focused on listening to your primary afflictions, life, and what is present within you. along with asking various questions to receive an in depth blueprint of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being to pair with a precise protocol, diet, and personally formulated herb(s) to support your health and vitality.

You will receive an online intake form to complete prior to your consultation.

New Client Consultations

2 hours with a 2 free follow up calls and a free tincture

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Returning Client Consultations

1 hour with a free follow up call


*BIPOC and LGBTQ discounts are available & Sliding scale is available if you are in need of financial support

What are her clients saying?

I highly recommend Kristen for a consultation!

From the moment I met her and listened to her speak about plants as medicines, I knew how special her relationship was with plants. As I continued talking with her, the knowledge she accumulated over the years with psychology, herbs, and the body invited me in with a deep sense of trust. Now, during the consultation, I felt extremely heard with what I was sharing and all of her insightful questions led us to some deep areas of focus in which I could work on. She has been so helpful even after the consultation and continues to answer questions for me that come up. I am so excited to explore her cooking classes, start a new diet and dive into the tinctures, herbs, and salves she made. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to go down this path with Kristen.


My consultation with Kristen was amazing!

Her calm and centered listening made me feel. very heard and seen. Asking me questions not only about my health and habits but about my social and emotional life as well, honoring the relationship between the mind, heart, and the body. Kristen laid out for me an incredibly beautiful and easy to follow meal plan with recipes as well as an herbal protocol to support my well being using both plants and food as medicine. She gave me ideas for journaling and ways to tend to my whole being. After a couple weeks of this plan, I can notice the changes taking place. I feel lighter and more in tune with my body. I cooke more for myself and take the time to tend to my needs. All thanks to Kristen’s incredibly generous and thoughtful time and energy. I couldn’t be more grateful.


After just 1 week…I noticed a growing sense of clarity

Whilst I’ve met Kristen back in high school, our lives have taken us in perfect unique paths, ultimately reconnecting for my desire to root mentally after my journey into self. Our consultation had this fluidity through detailing my afflictions, both her assessment and self-discernment. After just 1 week of consuming an herbal tea formulation and tincture, I noticed a growing sense of clarity of how to manage my mental afflictions, along with physical relief from her prescribed lifestyle adjustments. I’m grateful for her receptive disposition, compassionate tone and holistic insight. My herbal interests have peaked and I’m keen to further explore with her how to incorporate more of mother earth into my daily rituals.


My experience with Kristen has been easy, nurturing, and beautiful.

Her meticulous yet gentle questions and deep listening allow me to feel comfortable being vulnerable and honest, with her and with myself. I feel incredibly optimistic about the path of my health and wellbeing, with the support and valuable tools that Kristen so uniquely offers!


Every morning I think of you when I pour my spoon full of your medicine.

I’ve taken it 2 days in a row and felt a lot of relief from my symptoms. Then didn’t take it the 3rd day and my symptoms returned super intensified. Now that I’ve started taking it again INSTANT relief. I can’t wait to finish the bottle and see if I’m healed. Thank you so much for your healing remedies. I love you so much sister..