Hello Beloved, I’m Kristen Rhea Alexander

I was raised in the states of Texas and Florida, and grew up always fond of playing outside with the elements of nature, having unique athletic and intellectual gifts, and a keen empathic inner-sense that deemed me “different” and “weird” within the old paradigm school systems.

Through the years of conditioning, wanting to “fit in”, and following the Standard American Diet (SAD diet), I learned to shut out the voice of my body which led me through various mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual traumas that were being fed by self-sabotaging habits, having no boundaries around my food choices, and abandoning my true self.

In the midst of programming a disembodied lifestyle, I received a degree in Psychology and Sociology, then embarked on a journey to pursue my passion for cooking, sailing, and the ocean.

That is when I quit everything that was not serving me for my highest health and well being and journeyed to Bali, Indonesia- an oasis for endless, deep initiations, healings, transformations, and various trainings that essentially activated the awareness of my mission here on Earth and paved a new way of living in harmony with my bodies.

Throughout this journey of the more “spiritual” life, I searched for a human elder to guide the initiations and transformations that were inevitably occuring, but couldn’t find someone I resonated with. As I leaned into trusting my heart more and truly seeing how every experience is a teaching, I came to realize that all of my direct experiences- such as living on the ocean for 4 years, travelling extensively around the world for 7 years, cultivating direct relationships with the Elements, and learning through experience the different ways of living with Earth, ways that were completely different from the ways I was conditioned to live, would show me that…

From there I learned ways that feed health sovereignty, radical self-love, deep listening, and holistic embodiment techniques that activate the vital intelligence of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Ways that empower me to be my truest, most authentic self and show up radically for the evolution of humanity and Mother Earth.

My core studies evolve around vitalist herbalism, holistic nutrition, indigenous studies, core shamanism studies, integrative pharmacology, meditation, dream work, and medical astrology to harness a unique intuition and sensitivity that now humbly inspires, guides, and supports my clients to find their way of living their purposeFULL life from the heart, a way I call “the self-initiatory” path that directly connects them to the teachings, healings, initiations, and transformations from Gaia.

My story has no beginning or ending, only a yearning to share my truth- the fruit of my experiences. As well as how it feels to be in right relationship with the body, mind, and spirit as we continue to grow and evolve into our truest soul’s embodiment.