Digestive Reset Herbal Formula


Handcrafted – Organic – Small Batch – Intentionally Sourced – High Quality – Potent

This formula has a broad spectrum action in the digestive system and supports repairing the gut lining, strengthening the immune system within the gut, and rekindling the digestive fire.


Neutral: cooling-warming, relaxing and tonifying, drying to neutral

100% Organic Ingredients

Cat’s Claw, yarrow, calendula, plantain leaf, agrimony, wood betony, fennel seed, peppermint, chamomile

Invitations for use

Infuse 1 tablespoon of tea in 16 oz of boiled water. Cover for 10 minutes or up to 10 hours. Strain and drink throughout the day or as needed. The longer it infuses the stronger the drink is.


2 Ounces

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