Gaia’s Ambrosia Facial Serum


Handcrafted – Organic – Small Batch – High Quality – Potent

Queen’s Ambrosia is a 100% organic, triple extracted botanical facial serum and is the skin food of the goddesses. This handcrafted, small batch facial serum is triple extracted to get the most medicine out of the plant materials for a potent and pure herbal infused serum.


Cooling, tonifying, moistening

100% Organic Ingredients

Cold pressed oils of: Jojoba, moringa, pomegranate seed, apricot kernel, sunflower seed, and sea buckthorn. Whole plant materials of: Rose, calendula, lavender, helichrysum, sencha green tea, frankincense, myrrh, vanilla, and trace amounts of high quality cane alcohol.

Invitations for use

Apply 8-10 drops graciously to a cleansed face and gently massage in the morning and at night for a healthy glow and radiant, nourished skin.


2 oz and will last at least 2 months

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