Handmade Artisanal Andean Fur Poncho


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Handmade – Artisan – Poncho – Naturally Dyed – Ancient Weavings – Andean Symbols – Sacred – Alpaca Wool – Living Altar – Unique

These ponchos are handmade, unique, and naturally dyed from the plants of the Andean mountains of Peru by the Chahauytire weaving community near Pisac that continue the ancient weaving process of their people. They spin Alpaca wool into yarn and weave ancient stories, symbols, and medicine of the Quechua people with so much love, devotion, care, and time. These ponchos take up to 3 months to finish and your contribution supports the indigenous family of Hilaria Huaman Curo who all work together passing on the knowledge of this beautiful and sacred artwork.

This exquisite, alpaca poncho masterpiece combines luxurious warmth, softness of the alpaca fur adornment, and a symphony of colors that creates a canvas of an intentionally crafted tapestry of the Andean symbols and ancient stories of the land and their people. Wearing this poncho is like wearing a living altar, an altar that weaves the ancient threads of tradition, love, and beauty into a warm blanket that protects the children of the Earth.


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