Organic Rose Hydrosol


Organic – Small Batch – Intentionally Sourced – High Quality – Hand-Picked – Pure – Sacred

This Rosa Damascena floral water is known to be the highest vibrational Rose medicine on the Earth. The Roses of this hydrosol are hand-picked and steamed distilled from the Sacred Rose Valley of Bulgaria.

Rose is known to moisturize, cool, and tonify the skin. Her fragrance gracefully uplifts the spirit, calms the nerves, and activates the heart. This hydrating floral water is a 100% pure hydrosol containing no preservatives and is best used within one year.


Cooling, tonifying, and moistening

100% Organic Ingredients

Steamed distilled Roses (Rosa Damascena)

Invitation for use

Gently shake before using. Spray directly onto the skin daily or as needed.


3.4 fl. oz (100 mL)

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