Discover the essence of the divine feminine

Are you interested in cultivating deep relationships with plants?

Are you interested in various holistic approaches to herbal medicine and lifestyle?

Do you want to balance, heal, and activate your optimum vitality?

Are you looking for a container to do inner work on yourself?

This Sacred Plant Immersion with Rose involves immersing yourself in your own home while building a relationship with her as she leads you into the self-initiatory path of the womban- the life giver, the carrier of creation, the Queendom of your sacred vessel, the ancient matriarchal lineage that honors the pure power of womb- beyond the physical and into all gender types, for true, unconditional love has no boundaries, it only reads energy, frequency, and vibration.

“Her wisdom of true love breaks all boundaries, all boxes, all walls, all prisons formed in the mind and around the heart. Gently melting them away into a silky velvety satin, dream weaving truth and love. True love threaded into the fabric of every cell in your being. Surrendering in this devotion to raw authenticity and integrity- the fibers of genuine faith, the evolution of confidence” – Kristen

Join us for a week long sacred plant immersion with Rose within the comforts of your own home

What is included: 

  • The plant materials: Organic dried Rose flowers, Rosehip powder, and Rose tincture mailed to your door
  • Medicine making video
  • Private video call prior to the immersion
  • Recipes, week long meal plan, and grocery list
  • Special Guest Speaker via Zoom
  • Holistic herbalism and lifestyle teachings
  • Daily personal support and dream interpretation from Rhea
  • WhatsApp group communication
  • Various meditations and daily journal prompts
  • Opening and closing ceremony via Zoom
  • Community Tune-In via Zoom
  • Holistic Medicine Talk via Zoom
  • 15% off Rhea of Light Apothecary 
  • 3 group integration calls via zoom after immersion


The wholy representation of pure love,
The essence of the divine feminine, The mother of all the flow-ers.
Her essence flows in grace,
As if her scent rides the waves of Christ consciousness,
Lighting up the heart, caressing the beauty of our truth, gifting us with her present-ce
The Queen gently guides us with her vibrancy into the holy grail of compassion
Leaving a trail of petals as we let go of what weighs the heart down
Repairing what has been lost, what has been broken
Purifying, uplifting, and blossoming our spirit into love, into merry, into one.
Ascending from the ashes of the fire, rooted she rose, rooted she grows, rooted she knows.


Is this immersion in person or remote?

The entire immersion is remote, meaning you will be taking the initiative to create the immersion in your home, do the daily practices, make your own plant medicine and food, and weave the worlds together into your daily life.
The opening and closing ceremony will be held virtually via Zoom.

How long is the immersion?

6 full days and 2 half days (Sunday to Sunday)

I need to work that week. Can I still join?

Yes you can. This container is flexible regarding daily tasks of your regular life such as work, living with other people, and/or caring for children and/or the elderly which can be woven into the immersion.

What diet will we be eating?

Each diet is different according to which plant we will be working with.
The standard diet contains mostly water, various vegetables, rice, lentils, boiled eggs, chia, coconut oil, lemons, and/or some fruit. There will be no added salt, spices, herbs, condiments, drinks of any kind, high flavor, sweeteners, or broths as well as using any form of herbal products such as perfume, essential oils, infused body oil, supplements, etc.

What is the reason for having a disciplined diet?

We will be working with integrating subtle energies into our being, which means disciplining the diet to sensitize ourself to feel, sense, see, and hear the plant more clearly. Spicy food, high flavor, high salt, sweet foods, etc create a “load” on our senses and can “get in the way” of receiving the pure energy and vibration of the plants intelligence and depth of healing. By restricting the diet and not ingesting any other herbs, there is a greater ability to be present and connect with greater awareness, even on subtle levels.

Having a disciplined diet also:

  • Creates more space for the plant to merge his/her intelligence into your cells
  • Allows the body to purify and cleanse on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level
  • Decreases distractions from the journey
  • Amplifies and “feeds” the medicine and spirit of the plant(s) you are working with.
How do plants support transformation?

Plants are seen to have a physical and spiritual body that can act as powerful allies, protectors, healers, and guides along the journey of life. We call upon the plants as our elders to facilitate the ancient path of initiation that has been forgotten from Western influences. The intelligence that lies within the physical components of plants are powerful forces of nature that shift the ecology of the human body, or inner ecosystem. Plants activate the DNA within the blood that lies dormant and essentially “wakes up” the universal intelligence and life force energy within our being. This can create transformational, transcendental experiences that awaken our consciousness and allow us to remember who we truly are and the essence of our true nature. Plants support bringing the body into balance, generate harmony and peace within, and activate our vital force energy to not only survive, but thrive in the world we live in today.

Rose literally untangled years of energetic pain around my heart

“I went into the immersion excited to explore a totally new relationship with Rose, a plant I have always been drawn to, but never fully immersed with. It felt like coming home. To myself, to the anima / feminine in me, to the lineage of women who have tended her and kept her sacred medicine well-protected over the millennia. It felt very powerful to connect with this plant and also to meet the wonderful, intelligent, and compassionate people in the group—we were on a soul journey together and Kristen served as a patient, knowledgeable, and loving guide. I loved drinking the tea and I actually improved my iron and copper levels during this time, both of which were deficient, and felt overall greater vitality. I have dealt with anxiety for years, and the rose medicine gave me this incredible mental solace where I could finally just exhale and be. It was truly incredible to get out of my head like that. But the greatest benefit was emotional—Rose literally untangled years of energetic pain around my heart, softened me, gave me a gentle permission to be my truest self, and to open back up to receive all the love in this world. Thank you Kristen and Rose for an unforgettable experience.

Katie Boyden

I was able to experience a significant healing in my moon cycle

“The Nettles immersion was amazing! I learned so much about this beautiful plant medicine and all the wonderful ways in which she can benefit the body. Not only that but I was able to experience a significant healing in my moon cycle through Kristen’s course with the simple diet she recommended and daily intake of Nettles.

Kristen provides such a lovely safe container for all in this immersion and along with that plethora of information to dive into about the program. I especially loved how she provided a detailed meal plan as a guide with a shopping list and recipes to boot! That greatly relieved some of my anxiety over figuring out what to eat and provided a solid foundation from which to work with the plants. I would highly recommend her immersion and plan on taking another in the near future!

Lauren Murdock

Nettle taught me about the priceless value of my own energy

“Thank you SOUL much for the Sacred Plant Immersion. I most definitely am transformed. The immersion taught me so much about what it really means to be devoted to a plant path and honor the plants as sacred beings here to teach. Nettle assisted me in purging stagnant energy, revitalizing all of my bodies, and protecting my own sacred energy. Through the diet, I was able to uncover some unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors in my relationship with food and really come to appreciate all food has to offer in its most simplistic, medicinal form. I elevated my discipline, daily grounding rituals, awareness, and overall wellness in life. Most importantly, Nettle taught me about the priceless value of my own energy and abilities and how important it is to protect that as sacred and divine. I am so greatFULL! I appreciated all of Kristen’s support, dream interpretation, educational information, and space created to experience this transformation with other souls. I will most definitely be sharing space with you again and a new plant soul!


So much has been knowledge delivered and I get to play with all of the yummy new recipes

“I am in such deep gratitude for Kristen and her passion for the world of plants, nutrition, and community. I had the pleasure to be guided by Kristen into my very first very intentional sacred plant immersion with Calendula. What I love so much about Kristen is that she truly embodies a collaborative way of communicating. I also felt extremely supported by Kristen through check-in phone calls, messages, and a group community chat to hold each other in the experience throughout. I loved how present Kristen was with me as well as all of the other beautiful souls who joined the immersion. So much has been knowledge delivered and I get to play with all of the yummy new recipes. I feel so blessed to be guided by Kristen who encourages us to self-explore. So much Love and Gratitude for you Kristen!


So many epiphanies and learning more about myself

“So much gratitude for Kristen! I joined her sacred plant immersion in the comfort of my own home earlier this year and I am so glad I made the decision to. Kristen went above and beyond with providing such informative guidance through the process. I love how she provided cooking videos as well. She offered support to all sisters who joined as well as worked 1 on 1 with me to uncover what my dreams meant and what my subconscious mind was trying to tell me. Much came to light for me and I learned more about myself through the process. Kristen taught me about emotional eating and I didn’t realize prior to that it was something I was doing. So many epiphanies and learning more about myself I have come across since working with Kristen! After the journey with Linden, I saw her 1 on 1 for a consultation. She has been helping ease the process of getting off of birth control ever since. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without her! I still get herbs and tinctures from her today. Kristen just isn’t an herbalist but she wears multiple hats. I love how she combines the mind along with the body within her practice too. Kristen truly does care about helping you heal and is easy to work with. If you are thinking of seeing her for a consultation, you wont regret it! She is the best and I am so thankful I crossed paths with her. Thank you so so much sistar! I love you


Linden brought up unresolved blockages in my life energy

“I just wanted to write a huge Thank you to Kristen, for welcoming me to be part of the Linden plant immersion. It was something that I really felt a calling to, and I am so so grateful for your encouragement and guidance into a field that I had never really had much experience in. Going into the preparation, we were asked what our intentions were…a question which I was unable to answer, as I was just full of curiosity as to how a plant immersion worked and what effect it would have on my life. With Kristens gentle teachings and knowledge, I threw myself into it wholeheartedly and soon found that Linden brought up unresolved blockages in my life energy which I didn’t even realize were affecting me from my childhood. I felt safe, comforted and heard with Linden and Kristen. She spent a great deal of time speaking to me and listening to what was coming up for me, and suggesting activities such as a fire ceremony to help cleanse me of the issues that came up, which truly felt like a new awakening! My inner voice completely changed that week, from constant condescending and negative thoughts about myself to that of love, gratitude and laughter. For that alone, I am so grateful to Linden and Kristen. Plus, the meal plan, meditations and supplementary teachings were very well presented and useful to use going forward in my life. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone thinking of doing a plant immersion with Kristen!